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Corsica, France

For those familiar with herbal medicine, Helichrysum is to Aromatherapy as Arnica is to Herbalism. Put more simply, Helichrysum is a must have for tramas and first aid, swelling and scars. You may have also heard of this golden flower by its common names; Everlasting or Immortelle.

Helichrysum’s tremendous regenerative properties are known to heal sprains, strains, sore tendons, muscle aches, and bruises. It has been studied in Europe for its healing effects on certain skin ailments, scar reduction, nerve regeneration, and inflammation. Most notably, in France, Helichrysum is marketed as an anti-aging miracle oil and is known as a Fountain of Youth in a bottle.

Of the more than 500 different species of Helichrysum, the only one used therapeutically in medical aromatherapy is Helichrysum italicum. The best Helichrysum italicum is produced in Corsica, a small Mediterranean island off the coast of France. The market is flooded with Helichrysum sourced from Croatia and Ukraine, but the chemical make up of these oils is very different, and so is their aroma. Corsica’s serotinum variety, however, contains the highest levels of Neryl Acetate and di-ketones — compounds known for their exceptional healing properties. When it comes to the best Helichrysum essential oil, it’s from Corsica and there is no second place.

Production of Helichrysum essential oil is extremely limited on the small island, which counts just five distillers among its population of 300,000. Veriditas is very fortunate to have a relationship with one of them, a pioneering distiller named Keyserlingk. In 1988, Keyserlingk was the first person to ever distill Helichrysum for its medicinal properties. His artisanal oils are not only organic and ECOCERT certified, but also biodynamic and DEMETER certified. Veriditas is proud to be able to offer one of the finest Helichrysum essential oils in the world.

How does Helichrysum work?

  • Anti-inflammatory: Reduces swelling, redness and inflammation
  • Vulnerary: Promotes healing and regeneration of skin
  • Analgesic: Reduces pain

Indications & Treatments

*Use only certified organic, therapeutic-grade Helichrysum italicum, variety serotinum from Corsica.

Not many essential oils on the planet are as reliable and regenerative as Veriditas’ Corsican Helichrysum. The testimonials for Helichrysum’s healing powers have surprised even us at Veriditas, and we’ve been working with this plant for more than two decades.

The chemical profile of the Veriditas Helichrysum italicum variety Serotinum, includes a high level of :

  • Neryl Acetate (over 40%), which acts as an anti-spasmodic / muscle relaxant, may serve to “unlock” old injuries and is involved in the muscular-knot-releasing effect.
  • Alpha-, beta-, and gamma-curcumenes, which act as anti-inflammatory agents.
  • Di-ketones, which possess superb ability to regenerate new cells and tissue.

General analgesic: Mix with peppermint essential oil for an excellent general analgesic that works on neck/back pain, TMJ symptoms, arthritic pain, peripheral neuropathy, and even restless leg syndrome (See our Pain Relief formula).

Add several drops of Helichrysum to twice the amount of peppermint oil — 5 drops Helichrysum to 10 drops peppermint, for example, for an area as large as a forearm. Massage onto painful area, and let essential oils penetrate skin for a couple of minutes. If moisturizing lotion is more desirable, cover the area with a couple pumps of lotion prior to application of oils. If pain does not subside within 5 minutes, repeat.

Burns: Apply undiluted as soon as possible for immediate relief. Only 1-3 drops of both helichrysum and lavender are necessary.

Inflammation: For impact-type injuries, apply undiluted immediately to prevent initial swelling and reduce healing time. Use enough to cover the area in a thin layer (this is often only a few drops). Same for sprains and twists. Repeat application after 30 minutes, if necessary. Helichrysum can also be mixed with  10 percent German chamomile for further anti-inflammatory effects.

Scar healing & reduction: Use a 1:3 dilution of Helichrysum and lavender on any scar – new or old. Cover the entire scar area and massage lightly to discourage development of scar tissue.

Alternatively, try the Veriditas Scar Prevention and Treatment Oil, which is a pre-blended formula that includes mugwort and sage to help break down old damaged cells and tissue. This formula also includes rose hip seed oil to strengthen cell membranes. When combined with Helichrysum, these oils can deeply heal wounds resulting in little or no scarring.

Tinnitus: Apply 1 drop behind the ear. Apply a second drop to a cotton ball and place cotton in the ear while sleeping each night.

Helichrysum fresh - harvested at 5am for critical bloom.  Distilled for 1.5 hour to capture peak constituents. Distillation unit shown in the background.

Helichrysum fresh – harvested at 5am for critical bloom. Distilled for 1.5 hour to capture peak constituents. Distillation unit shown in the background.

A Helichrysum close up!

A Helichrysum close up!