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Quality Assurance

Veriditas’ Botanicals Quality Assurance

There are many elements used to identify quality in essential oils; so many, it may feel overwhelming!  Veriditas Botanicals would like to be your guide in spotting premium essential oils, and how we choose the best essential oils and hydrosols on the planet. To guarantee Veriditas Quality Assurance,  every organic essential oil we sell goes thru rigorous testing including:

Gas Chromatography Testing

Certificate of Analysis

Pestiside Testing – zero tolerance or zero Parts per Million


ECOCERT organic certification

GMP – Good Manufacturing Practice

Veriditas is the leader in providing 100% ECOCERT and USDA Certified Organic, pure and authentic essential oils because our customers see the results and smell the quality! Education about essential oils is on the rise, and we¹re grateful for the enthusiasm our customers are showing in their quest for superior essential oils.

Here are a few facts to help understand Veriditas Botanicals exemplary quality standards:

Certified Organic, artisanal essential oils represent the highest tier of purity and medicinal activity. Only essential oils that are free of herbicides, pesticides, synthetic adulteration that are Certified Organically grown can provide 100% assurance of quality.

The rigors of ECOCERT and USDA Certification assure that each product that Veridtas Botanicals produces is the unadulterated botanical varietal, contains no synthetic additives or preservatives, and has no trace of pesticides or herbicides.

In addition to the rigors of organic certification, our close relationships with farmers and distillers worldwide guarantees that the plants are harvested at the peak time of purity and distilled with craftsmanship and care that has been passed down through generations of family owned distilleries.

We do no work with essential oil brokers, which is where adulteration often occurs. This ensures freshness and that oils are direct from Farm to Home Farmacy.

These guidelines guarantee that Veriditas Botanicals goes above and beyond Certified Organic certification and offers truly Therapeutic Grade essential oils and hydrosols.

Refer to the About Us page on Veriditas Botanicals website for even more information and inspiration as to why it is imperative to use organic essential oils for therapeutic use.

Occasionally, we have requests for Gas Chromatography Tests (GC¹s), Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS), or Certificate of Analysis (C of A). These documents are useful in verifying plant species used to make the essential oils, and ensuring authenticity and traceability. However, they do not speak to the true indicator of premium quality: 100% Certified Organic essential oils grown and distilled at peak times to ensure the desired medical constituents shine. Due to the extensive nature of maintaining these records for each and every batch of essential oils and hydrosols, it is time prohibitive for us to fulfill customer requests for these items.

We do LOVE that you want to know more, so please see the attached documents as an example of actual C of A¹s, MSDS and GC¹s for our most popular oils: Helichrysum and Lavender.

Click on the links below to learn more about how we bring Organic Essential Oils from Farm to home Farmacy in partnership with our international cooperative, Sa Plantes Aromatiques Du Diois (SAPAD).

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If you have further questions about Organic Essential Oil authentication please contact our founder and owner, Melissa Farris at:

Thank you for your inquiry,
The Veriditas Team