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Frankinsence (Boswellia carterii)

Indications & Treatments

Use in:

Bath, Compress, Diffuser, Inhilation, Massage, Skincare, Perfume, Neat or undiluted.


Frankincense is a very gentle oil, and like lavender can be used undiluted on the skin safely for all ages and all skin types. For dry, mature skin it helps to soften fine lines, wrinkles, sun damage and remove dark spots. These anti-aging benefits are why Frankincense is featured in the Veriditas Rose Regenerative Facial oil. Apply to face nightly before moisturizer and use consistently for best results.


The antiseptic qualities of this oil can help prevent bad breath, cavities, toothaches, mouth sores and other infections. Frankinsence and myrrh have long been touted for their ability to heal mouth infections. Both are key ingredients in the Veriditas GumDropps Formula.


Anti-fungal and anti-bacterial, Frankinsence heals skin infections, acne, boils, hard to heal wounds, scars, skin growths (tags) and distended varicose veins. Combine your Frankincense with Lavender, Tea tree or one of the Veriditas Condition Specific Wellness Formulas.


Use 5 drops Frankincense and 5 drops Rosemary cineol oil on a brush to stimulate hair growth and strengthen hair roots.


Anti-inflammatory for sore muscles, achy joints and arthritis. Combine with Veriditas Pain Relief.

Lung Support

Use topically or diffuse with other oils to soothe bronchitis, laryngitis and lung congestion. Use with Veriditas Sinus oil, Mental Clarity, Immunity Boost, etc..


Frankincense has been known for its healing abilities in strengthening the immune system and is currently being studied in tumor and cancer prevention.


To treat ulcers, gastric upset, etc., try adding a few drops to 2 ounces of water or juice. Or add a few drops to 1 teaspoon of coconut oil to soothe the tummy.


Also known as Olibanum, Frankincense essential oil is made from a resin from the Boswellia trees in Somalia, Yemen, Oman, and Ethiopia.  Egyptians used Frankincense for embalming and to “bring into the next world” because of its incredible healing capabilities. In biblical times, Frankincense, Myrrh and Gold were the three gifts presented at the birth of Christ by the three wise men. It is used as incense in all Catholic churches. Therefore, Frankincense has been utilized to enhance spirituality, meditation and prayer. Do an inhalation before a yoga practice to slow down the breath and enhance pranayama.


None known.

Active properties:


Base note: Use diluted topically only in pregnancy